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to the finished mushroom:
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DPV Dohme Pilzvertrieb GmbH


Dear Customers,

for current reasons, we would like to point out that we have closed our retail sales at the Höfingen and Tietzow locations until further notice.
You can get our products in the same quality from the retailers you trust.

Please stay at home and take care of yourself.

We will be there for you personally soon.



Max F. Dohme
Waldemar Schuller
Max F. Dohme

Max F. Dohme

Mr. Dohme ist the CEO of Orcanic Farm
“Max F. Dohme Bio-Champignons”.

Waldemar Schuller

Waldemar Schuller

Mr. Schuller is amongst other things CEO of “DPV Dohmepilzvertrieb GmbH”.



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